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Post by SH1PWR3K on Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:06 pm

After reading a blogpost on

This came to mind:

There have only been a few games in the course of my 18 year gaming streak that i vividly remember leaving me in awe and wanting more, i totally agree with everyone that team ICO has wowed us all although ico and shadow of the colossus had practically NO dialogue and cutscenes. At this point its hard for me to invest my hard earned dollars into all the new hot releases because when i check them out i find myself sadly dissapointed, GTAIV for example not a bad game in any sense but i havent played it since april....ive never completed it either. I question myself was this game i just bought really worth the 60$? Or was it better to just rent for 4 bucks? I guess that is the point when we distinguish the real *GEMS* of the past to present from the games that you can truly only play once and never touch again.

Replay value should not be carried by online multiplayer alone...

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Post by Viprdude on Mon Sep 08, 2008 6:16 am

totally agree. shadow of the colossus blew my fucking mind when i played the demo and 10-fold when i played the game! and i havent picked it up and played it since i beat it.

gta 4 sucks by the way...haha


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